About Hurried Health Nut

Hurried Health Nut is here to help take the overwhelm out of following the Autoimmune Protocol.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, or you’ve been living with one for years, it can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. The fatigue, lethargy and mental exhaustion that comes with nearly every autoimmune disease is real, even if others can’t see or understand it.

You may have heard of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and you feel that if you could just make the right modifications to your diet and lifestyle, you’d finally start to feel better. But the thought of embarking on a long-term elimination diet can be overwhelming in and of itself. Especially with all the cooking the protocol can involve!

I understand how overwhelming it can be to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and not know where to turn to feel good again. I have been there (I have two autoimmune diseases, myself) and I can show you the simple steps you can take to start to feel healthy and vibrant, despite your autoimmune disease!


  • You have one or more autoimmune disease (or suspect you have one, but have not received an official diagnosis).
  • You’re ready to feel vibrant and have energy again (or for the first time in your life)!
  • You’re busy and don’t have a ton of extra time to spend in the kitchen.
  • Just the thought of following the Autoimmune Protocol overwhelms you.

You’ve found the right place, my friend!

I’m on a mission to make healing your autoimmune disease with the Autoimmune Protocol easy, accessible and delicious!

The AIP diet and lifestyle don’t have to be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. Despite your busy schedule, you do have time to eat healthy, delicious food (made with real, whole, nutrient-dense ingredients) every day, and I will show you how.

The Hurried Health Nut Recipes

I’ll be honest: I love how real, whole food tastes, and I especially love how it makes me feel, but I’m not a huge fan of spending hours in the kitchen. (That’s probably not a common trait among food bloggers??). I’d rather allocate what little free time I have to enjoying life and spending time with people I love. Not slaving away in the kitchen! That’s why I’ve created a set of rules for the recipes I share on this site (and the food I prepare for myself and my husband on a daily basis).

Every recipe will abide by one or more of the following rules:

  • 30 minutes or less to prepare.
  • 10 ingredients or fewer.
  • 1 pot/pan.
  • Bonus points: stores/freezes well (for superb leftovers with NO prep time!).

All of the recipes on this blog are made from real, whole-foods ingredients, with maximal nourishment and minimal effort.

And every recipe fits within an Autoimmune Protocol, Paleo, and/or Whole30 diet.

Even if you don’t have an autoimmune condition, your body will thank you for the simple, delicious, nutrient-dense recipes.

About the Hurried Health Nut (Andrea)

Hey there! It’s me, Andrea, founder/creator/recipe developer/photographer/jack-of-all-trades at Hurried Health Nut.

I was raised on fast food, pizza and grocery store convenience foods. In college, my go-to dinner was a big bowl of pasta with a giant slab of butter and a hefty serving of table salt. Or a microwaved quesadilla. Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and a grande mocha from Starbucks. Lunch was often a bagel with cream cheese and probably another mocha. My typical snack (because I was always hungry) was a granola bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper. And maybe an apple.

Needless to say, my blood sugar was on a roller coaster, I was gaining weight, and I always felt like complete and utter crap.

After college, I slowly began to teach myself how to cook. It started with simple slow-cooker recipes and evolved (over the coarse of a few years) into experimenting with a variety of whole-food ingredients and cooking methods. I had successfully transitioned from eating fast food and convenience foods on a daily basis to eating a diet packed full of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, meats and the occasional treat.

I was feeling (and looking) better than I had in years.

Then, in late 2018, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and six months later I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. (For more on my diagnoses, see this blog post). Right then and there, I made a decision to stop the course of autoimmune disease and heal my gut. I transitioned from a primarily whole-foods diet to a fully paleo diet, and then into the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

After a couple months on AIP, I felt the best I’d ever felt in my entire life! And I decided to help others feel this amazing, too. I created this site to share my simple, easy, delicious AIP-compliant recipes that anyone can make, and everyone will enjoy. After all, no one wants to follow a diet that forces you to choke down your food, or to eat food that your family won’t. That’s not sustainable. And it won’t make you feel any better.

Welcome to Hurried Health Nut! I think you’ll like it here.

Follow along and see for yourself just how easy and delicious an AIP diet and lifestyle can be, and finally start feeling better!

Medical Disclaimer: None of the ideas presented on this website, programs, or services are intended to replace medical advice of any kind. I am not a doctor, and reading this content does not form a doctor/patient relationship. The information provided here has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, condition or illness. For more information, please see the full medical disclaimer, here.

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