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Easy AIP Stir Fry Sauce

AIP stir fry sauce in a mason jar with garlic cloves nearby
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A super easy AIP stir fry sauce made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Done in less than 5 minutes. Soy-free, gluten-free, Paleo and Whole30 approved!

Are you in an AIP cooking rut? Last time I posted a recipe, I talked about how those of us on a restricted diet like the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) can start to get bored with the available options we have for food. So, I decided to start coming up with some simple and easy “flavor boosters” we can add to just about any meal to take it up a notch. Food boredom CURED!

The first recipe I posted in this series was a 4-Ingredient AIP “Grated Parmesan.” This week, I’ve got a super simple AIP stir fry sauce that even your 5-year old could whip up in less than 5 minutes! It’s super simple and super delicious. Check it out:

What equipment do I need?

The brilliant thing about this recipe is the minimal amount of equipment and prep needed! You don’t even have to cook or chop anything! Here’s the equipment you’ll need:

That’s it!

What ingredients are in this AIP Stir Fry Sauce?

All the ingredients in this AIP Stir Fry Sauce recipe are completely AIP-friendly, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free and Whole30 approved! And if you have a well-stocked paleo/AIP fridge and cupboard, I bet you already have these ingredients on hand.

Coconut aminos

Coconut aminos are a great gluten-free and paleo alternative to soy sauce or tamari. Make sure to check your ingredients. You don’t want any with added sugars or thickeners.

Bone broth (or vegetable broth)

Bone broth adds a tiny boost of collagen to this recipe and helps thin the sauce out, so it’s not too salty or sweet.

Fish sauce

Red Boat brand is the only brand I’ve found without added sugars or gluten. Be sure to check your fish sauce for any added unsavory ingredients.

AIP compliant vinegar

Coconut vinegar, white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar work well here.

Ground spices

Use garlic powder, ground ginger and onion powder for extra flavor without the extra work of mincing fresh spices!

How to use this AIP Stir Fry Sauce

Friends, here is the brilliance of this recipe. It’s called a “stir fry” sauce, but you could literally use it almost anywhere. Tired of plain ol’ grilled meat? Marinate your meat in this sauce, then grill it, for a flavor boost. Is slow cooker shredded meat on your weekly meal prep list? Pour some of this sauce in there for a lil’ extra somethin’ somethin’. Roasted veggies? Toss ’em in this sauce. Make an Asian-inspired salad and use this sauce as a salad dressing. Make your own paleo/AIP version of fried rice and use this sauce to spice it up. Or use it as a dipping sauce for meat skewers. You could even make an Asian-inspired soup and use this sauce in it for an umami boost. The possibilities are endless! Make a batch of this sauce on Sunday and use it all week!

Here are two stir fry recipes to get you started:

I bet you guys have some brilliant ideas of your own, as well. Be sure to share the ideas you come up with in the comments below! I’d love to see them!

And be sure to subscribe to the blog for more ideas and recipes to use this Easy AIP Stir Fry Sauce in, coming soon!

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AIP stir fry sauce in a mason jar with garlic cloves nearby

Easy AIP Stir Fry Sauce

  • Author: Andrea
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Sauces
  • Method: Blend
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Diet: Gluten Free


A super easy AIP stir fry sauce made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Done in less than 5 minutes. Soy-free, gluten-free and paleo/Whole30 approved!



3/4 cup coconut aminos (without added sweeteners)

1/2 cup bone broth

2 Tbsp Red Boat fish sauce

2 Tbsp AIP compliant vinegar (such as coconut vinegar, white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar)

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp onion powder


Combine all ingredients in a pint sized mason jar and shake vigorously.


Use in stir-frys, as a marinade, with fried “rice”, as a dipping sauce for skewers, or add a little to soups for an umami boost.

Save in an airtight container (the mason jar you made it in works great!) in the fridge for up to 5 days. Shake well before using again.

All nutrition information is an estimate, only, using an online nutrition calculator.


  • Serving Size: About 1/4 cup
  • Calories: 52
  • Fat: .1g
  • Carbohydrates: 7.4g
  • Fiber: .2g
  • Protein: 3.3g

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A super easy AIP stir fry sauce made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Done in less than 5 minutes. Soy-free, gluten-free and paleo/Whole30 approved. | HurriedHealthNut.com #stirfry #aip #aipsauce
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